The EGYPTIAN-ESSENIAN THERAPIES come from Jesus Christ´s time and before. They consist of treatments applied to the various energetic bodies in addition to the physical body with the use of essential oils and the anointing intention of the practitioner. These therapies were rescued from the Akashic Records by Daniel Meurois, more information can be found here "Healing with the hands in accordance with the subtle anatomy of the body is an innate reflex in any person who is aware of the existence of the soul"  Daniel Meurois. The treatment consists of a 1.5 or 2 hour session that heals the physical body as well as the subtle bodies (auric, emotional, astral) reflected in the system of chakras, subchakras and  nadis  (energy channels that run throughout the body) through the screening and elimination of toxic thought-forms which are often at the root of many diseases. It is an opportunity to identify and remove wounded